Free Estimates For Aluminum Patio Covers In Lake Elsinore

Free Estimates For Aluminum Patio Covers In Lake Elsinore

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Why are Aluminum Patio Covers in Lake Elsinore are Trending

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Before you find an aluminum patio cover company, you should find the type of material you would like it constructed with first. There are 3 primary materials and here is some important information about them.

The choice you made about the material is important as this can determine the quality of your patio covers in Lake Elsinore and nearby areas. Materials need to be strong enough to withstand the elements of sun for many years. Different patio cover materials such as aluminum can differ in price for the materials and labor.

We are showing you some examples of the pros & cons of these different materials:


Strength: Beauty. There’s just something about the appeal of wood that is difficult to match. Lumber for patio covers are available in many different types and textures.

Weakness: Requires a lot of maintenance. Its beautiful appearance has a price. Wood patio covers need yearly maintenance and painting. Another thing to remember is that wood is also prone to get termites


Strength: Low maintenance. Vinyl material is a good choice for your patio cover as it can be more durable than wood as it’s less likely to get termites.

Weakness: Appearance. Vinyl patio covers do not last as nice as DuraWood or Alumawood Aluminum patio covers do. Often homeowners speak about as soon as a few years that the material looks weathers and they seem to not hold their value.


Strengths: Durability. Now here’s a material that passes the “strong but lightweight” qualification. Aluminum material options available for your new patio cover.

Weakness: Heat retention. Metal is a very good conductor of heat. This is why we offer an insulated panel setting aluminum patios as a new industry standard.

Insulated aluminum patio cover

Your best bet: DuraWood™ patio covers. DuraWood aluminum patio covers combines the highest qualities of all three materials. It has the strength and light weight of your regular aluminum panels without the heat problem. DuraWood patio covers are engineered to look and feel like natural wood but doesn’t need painting. Unlike vinyl, it isn’t prone to warping, splitting, and rotting, nor is it prone to termites like wood is, which means little to no maintenance is involved in it looking great for years to come.

SoCal-PatioCovers (Wassgren and Sons Patio Covers) like offering to our homeowners a patio cover that is almost long-lasting. This is why we specialize in Free Estimates For Aluminum Patio Covers DuraWood patio covers in Lake Elsinore and the surrounding areas. These strong and stylish patio covers provide superb shade and cooling under the hot Southwest sun. They can be customized into an array of designs and styles that are sure to complement your back yard.

Hello, I am Paul and these are my sons. We look forward to building your patio cover!

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