Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a permit for an alluminum patio cover?

This is a good question, but should only be answered by your local building department. Most cities will have a standard diagram for “lattice” type patio covers, but they still require a permit. Most overhead structures do require a permit. It is most likely that your project will.

Does Duracool Patios have any warranties?

Yes they have a Lifetime Warranty on all aluminum components on all aluminum components that they manufacture.

Does Duracool Patios have any Cleaning or Maintaining Instructions on Patios?

Yes they will provide a list of Instructions upon request. It is also provided on the back of the warranty card.

Does heat make the Aluminum expand, or the paint fade?

Yes aluminum like any other sub-straight will expand and contract as the temperature changes

What is the difference between Duracool Patios and Aluma-wood?

The Paint System, The Embossing, The Warrant and The Service